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Layal Idriss

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You can catch layal somewhere in the world in a library flipping through picture books and sipping coffee, Or on a train sketching on her Ipad, Or finally in a classroom moving around helping students. Layal is a travler living between 3 continents growing her creative business and helping creatives pursue a career in the arts. 


Southern California/Jeddah/London


Layal recently relocated to Loughborough, United Kingdom to start a new chapter as a Doctoral Researcher in the field of Storytelling. Layal is eager to build and grow her knowledge and technical skills and to continue building a magical space for artists to grow and thrive. 



2014 - Present

Aioc California

B.S in Media Arts and Animation from the Art Institiute of Orange County 


CSUF California


Lboro Uni UK

MFA in In Illustration from California State Univeristy Fullerton

P.h.D in Creative Arts (Storytelling) Loughborough Univeristy Fullerton

Layal has a flow and quick hand in watercolor and markers as well as a command of pattern design. From live illustrations to surface design, Layal’s portfolio is always full of wonder and whimsy.  

Some recent Clients: Clients: Valentino,

Barnes & Noble and Adore.

2017 - Present

2019 - Present

2014 - Present

2018 - Present



2014 - 2018

Radish House Agency (Rad Learning) Online 

California State Unversity Fullerton, California 



CSSSA Calarts. Valencia, California 



DAH Continued Education Jeddah, KSA 



Santiago Canyon College. Orange, California 



The Art Institute OC Santa Ana, California 

Illustration and storytelling are Layal’s main focus as an entrepreneur. She started by illustrating books and other projects, including surface design and fashion illustrations. Layal illustrated about 26 books and helped many artists pursue their dream to illustrate children’s book and practice in the field of Illustrations.


By Sora Riyadh 

By Sora Madinah 

By Sora Al Jouf 

By Sora Brand 


Whos Choice 

Yasmeen’s Stories


No Adults Allowed

Picture Book

Al Hudhud Publishing UAE


Selective Mutism

King Salman Center of Disability Research


Maha’s Hobby

Picture Book

Al Hudhud Publishing UAE


The Boy and the dark

Picture Book

Al Hudhud Publishing UAE


What’s the shape of my heart?

Picture Book

Takween Publishing Kuwait 


Cup of Coffee with Silver

Young Adult novel

Dar Arwa Al Arabia SA


Redefine your Bee-ing




Manna and Sara (Sieres)

1. Unwanted Visitor

2. The Pink Doll

3. Guacamole on the beach

4. My crazy hair

5. Dancing to the beat

Kadi and Ramadi SA

Children’s Book Series


What Grandpa needs?

Children’s book

Dar Al-Manar Publishing SA


It Drips in Sweetness

Picture Book

Dar Al Arabia Dubai


Growing Grace

Picture Book

Empowered Times USA


Under the Tree

Picture Book

Dar Arwa Al Arabia SA


Tea Party with Caldarella 

(Short listed for the UAE 

Communcations Award 2015

Young Adult Novel

Dar Arwa Al Arabia SA


Even When

Children’s books

Mascot Books USA


The Generous Pigeon

Children’s Book

Kadi and Ramadi SA


O The Owl

Children’s Book

Go Bananas inc


Story of My Hands 

Go Bananas inc


How to Tame your Asthma

Jacob Anderson

  • SCBWI active member since 2011

  • Women in Animation member since 2016

  • Ground Zero Expo 2016

  • ASIFA Hollywood 2017

  • Bait Bohemia Jeddah Historical District Art Residency 2020

Fashion and
Surface Design


Organization and Affiliations:

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