“It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” 
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

       I grew up on the shores of the red sea, drenched in the red-hot sun of the Arabian Peninsula. I was a little dreamer building worlds and sipping pretend tea while sneaking treats from my grandma’s bakery. My love for color, magic, and wonder brought me to where I am today.


      As a Whimsical Illustrator residing in Sunny Southern California, I earned a degree in Media Arts and Animation and started freelancing while at school.

I continue to grow and participate in galleries locally and internationally. In 2017 I earned an MFA in Illustration from CSUF and started teaching in 2015. I love to inspire and be inspired by art every day.


    Since I started my career, I was blessed to illustrate 22 books and other exciting projects. My passion for illustration and my love to spread wonder and whimsy is endless.


Layal Idriss

Whimsical illustrator

Art Director

Art Educator  


  • Arwa Al Arabia Publishing

  • Kadi and Ramadi

  • Al Hudhud

  • Amarantha

  • The Center of Disability Research KSA

  • Al Manar

  • Maabar Social Consultancy

  • Pastel Events

  • Design Network

  • Beejewel

  • Dar Waraqa

  • Dar Al Manar Pub

  • Dar Al Arabia Pub