"Reading is a bridge to thought."

Maryanne Wolf

Thank you for attending the Reading talk! A big thanks to Big Reads for the opportunity to bring us both together in one lovely space. To share experiences and grow together. 

My first recourse to parents is this cool website! 

Common Sense Media 

Media and technology are at the center of kids' lives every day. From a very young age, kids use technology at home and at school to connect with friends and family and to document their lives and create digital content of their own. With more and more of life happening online, what catches kids' attention isn't always what's best for them, and what companies do with their personal information isn't always clear.

To read more and find interesting books from different genres check out Book Riot


The 100 Best Books of All time


Don't get overwhelmed with this link. Take it one step at a time! 

Giant Collection! 

Read Brightly

Reading Rocket



-Comic books and Graphic novels are actual books! 

-All books are valid. You as a parent would think a book should have a moral or an educational purpose or an entertaining aspect that you find fitting. 

-Living life so intensely through reading is sometimes better than mundane everyday moments. 

-Create the space and value the effort of public libraries by following the rules.

-Take advantage of the school library system.

-implement a reward system and don't separate screentime from reading time!


-You are in control of your child's cognitive growth and ability and growth the same way you are with their physical and mental health. 

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