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Professional Story

This world is full of whimsy and wonder. I take it upon myself to be a seeker of magic, wonder, and stories in every corner I can reach. Entrepreneurship has been a part of my life from an early age. I share with you some milestones of my professional journey. 

Click here for my full resume. 



I started with a Bachelor of Science in Media arts and Animation followed by an MFA in illustration from California State University. And I am currently holding a position as a PhD

Researcher in Storytelling at Loughborough University UK. 


Book Illustration

My journey as a book illustrator started in 2011. With about 26 books under my belt, illustrated for a wide range of projects and publishers around the world. 


Surface Design

Illustration is and will continue to be an incredible source of creative satisfaction for me. I am always eager to bring whimsy to surfaces and products. 



I enjoy academia so much and love being in the classroom, both online and in person. I have been teaching art since 2014 in many institutions across Southern California and the Web. 

CSUF, Ai Orange County, SCC, CSSSA and The Rad Learning Platform.


Art Direction

The joy of being in a creative and productive environment encourages 

me to put my skills and experience into helping creatives and clients.


Art Consultations

Once I hit the 10 year mark with more than 50 products and books in the market, I found it was time to help others in search of a fulfilling creative life to reach their full potential. 

Untitled_Artwork 48.jpg
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